G Wine Cellars is a culmination of friendship, talent, and passion for our grass roots here in the Napa Valley.  It is only fitting that our company be titled “A Ground Floor Production.” Our focus is on producing small lots of premium wine from different growing regions of the Napa Valley. Our ability to control the variables in the vineyard by maintaining and farming our small block vineyards ourselves, allow our wines to be a greater reflection of the distinct characteristics of the region and less an individual farming practice. Spotlighting the great mountain districts of the Napa Valley as our main grape source exposes the true bold tannin structured style wines that G Wine Cellars creates.


Garrett Ahnfeldt

Garrett Ahnfeldt was raised among the vines of Napa Valley. At the tender age of seven he was driving tractors and developing a love for farming. His family moved to Napa Valley in 1985 where his parents started out by selling their world class wine grapes to prestigious Napa wineries for years before creating their own.

Ahnfeldt Wine made its grand entrance into the wine world in 2002. Shortly after launching their brand name, they were awarded with 94 points and Merlot of the Year for their first vintage. During this time, Garrett was twenty two and attending college when the lure of the vines convinced him to move back to Napa and help with the family business.


Garrett’s passion for farming and growing award winning grapes returned with a vengeance, and he was soon farming for his family and several of his father’s friends. He started a vineyard management company which led to the management of over 350 acres, including both wineries and private growers.


Living out his passion for farming wasn’t enough and Garrett felt the need to taste his grapes. In 2006, G Wine Cellars emerged from this desire. Garrett believes that great wine is born in the vineyard, and because of his extensive amount of time working with the soil, he harbors a unique skill for making high quality grapes. His ability to control farming operations in combination with his knowledge of the vine and the fifteen different micro climates of the valley allows him the ability to fully control yields in order to produce exceptional fruit.


G Wine currently bottles fifteen hundred cases of Bordeaux style wine annually.  Their production is on the rise due in part to a very high demand for their superior product and in part because G Wine has in place a very workable 5 year strategic plan geared towards steady growth.  This growth is based on the vision that if you produce a quality product and distribute it through channels that allow for tight quality controls then they can share their passion for their wine throughout the world.


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